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gold-iphone-5sThe new iPhone 5s is rumored to come in 3 different colors and have an increased battery life. There are also rumors about a possible thumbprint scanner but Apple never releases new technology in the S versions. So we are probably going to see 1 new color (in addition to the white and black iPhone) then better chip, better camera and better battery.

The new thumbprint technology will be probably in the iPhone 6 release, but not in the iPhone 5s. However the greatest thing to come from the iPhone 5s release will be the new iOS. This new operating system has been available in Beta testing for the last few months and has already drastically been improved.

Overall, the biggest design change will be to the iOS which is the biggest release since cut and paste. So in good fashion to promote our sweepstakes we will be giving away a Free iPhone 5 through this giveaway! Be sure to comment below and get the entry in for this iPhone 5 Sweepstakes. Then get ready for the new iPhone 5s coming up soon!

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free iphone 5 giveaway

Free iPhone 5 Giveaway! The iPhone 5 is the hottest smart phone in the world and the rumors are swirling about the iPhone 5s release. It is rumored that the iPhone 5s will go for over $600! But right here we are giving you a chance to win a free iPhone 5. Read on for […]

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